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My Hill

My Hill

There is a hill, which for some reason everyone wants, and you would do anything to capture. Once you have captured it from the previous person, state "My Hill."
Try to keep the escalation small.

I shall begin by climbing the hill.
My hill.

*Erupts from the summit of the hill and sends Vox flying*

Foolish mortals! This is MY HILL!

- stops mid air, flies down to hover over the hill. -

Therrin, as one deity to another I respect you.

How about we split the hill 50/50?

Crashes from the heavens like a meteor and land atop the hill flattening the would be godlings Therren and Voxanadu.


*Mage's Disjunction* Spartan Kicks LAV down the hill.
My hill.

- Vox reaches his hand up from beneath Raynor's feet, then pulls Raynor down to the underworld. Then with the use of planeshift, Vox returns to his rightful place. -

My Hill.

- In addition, seals Lav into a tomb with the use of divine magic. As to prevent the lurker from de-hilling vox. -

Breaks through Vox's puny magic and summons a horde of rabbid squirrels that eat Phiktional and guard me on.....

My Hill


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