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My Hill

Turns Lavrence into a giant acorn, causing his squirrely army to turn against and devour him forthwith.

*ahem* Vox, I accept your offer. MY HILL! (our hill)

*Alters reality so that everyone else dies horribly*

I told you - it's MY hill.

- Defies Scarecrow's reality by returning to existence, then simply kicks him in the bum sending him to the bottom of the hill. -

My Hill! (
Therren and Voxanadu alliance for the win.
our hill)

Scarecrow71 lifts the hill off the earth, then turns it upside-down at an altitude of several miles, watching everyone else fall to their deaths on the ground below. He then promptly deposits the hill in the middle of the pacific ocean, planting a flag in the center of it for all to see that it belongs to him.

- Vox is certainly glad the crazy Irish man forgot that Vox could cling to things with his feet. Once the flag is planted, the demi-god simply burns it down, while remaining upon the hill which is an island. -

My Hill! (
Therren and Voxanadu alliance for the win.
our hill)

*wonders why Everything been flipped Over inside mah Dwarf and penguin Fortress inside the hill *
*Open the top Hatch of my hill to see Dipstick mortal(Vox) and his pal (Therren) on mah hill*
*Close Hatch and Order the Crew to drive back to Antarctica*
*Massive tank tracks comes out from under the hill and Drive back to antarctica*
*Pops out of an hatch and Blast Vox and Therren to hell with My ray gun*


*abit, the HMLS Hill, A landship that looks like a hill

*finds Steampeng's hill/landship in Antarctica*
*bribes the penguin/dwarven crew with a dragon hoard's worth of cash to go on holiday in Los Angeles*
*substitutes a crew of cuddly kobolds who toss Steampeng out of the landship and drive it to a nice place in Madagascar instead*

My landship/hill!

*Crashes through Avaday's landship riding a hideous monster from the underworld he was dragged to. The monster takes the landship and deposits it back on land.*

My hill (No-longer-a-landship)!

There's not room enough here for the both of us, so off you go! *pushes Raynor off the hill*

My hill!


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