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My Hill

Time to pull out the big guns. So I unleash my pet raptor, who is rocket-propelled and armed with a chainsaw. And he has a thirst for both pirate blood AND everyone who tries to mess with me and my hill.

Like I said - this is MY HILL, and it is now defended for me by my rocket-propelled chainsaw-wielding velociraptor.

Said raptor then get runned over by my new landship

and you get crush as well


- Lock Steampeng in the landship, kicks it off the hill in such a manor that it lands upside down. -

This is...
My Hill

*rolls up the hill and runs down Vox while enclosed in a giant hamsterball*

My hill, squeak!

after performing a houdini, I come form the sky wielding

sawing you and the ball in half.



My Hill.

Aww, lookit the cute little 5/5, thinking he's all big! Adorable.

*summons this guy right here*

*crunch* Grr.

OUR Hill.

Very well, then, if you want to get ridiculous about it...

It may take a while, but it WILL win, eventually. And when it does...

MY Hill.

The BFM is defeated, at the cost of your live and the Blight steel colossus


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