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My Hill

*drops an orbital artillery strike on the Bolo* 10 tons of iron travelling at 0.8c vaporises the Bolo, the hill and 3km of landscape.

When the debris falls back down again, a new hill is formed.


for information purposes only:

.8c = about 240,000,000 m/s or about 240,000 times the velocity of the ISS

You haven't read "Bolo Rising" did you Skies? That was exactly the thing the *!*!* did, and that Bolo kicked their digital hinies back to the Galactic Core from whence they came. Which exactly what MY Bolo does to your orbital platform, rolling slowly back on top of MY HILL!!

Also, ouchies. Stop trying to use ELE's to do your dirty work, it violates at least four interplanetary treaties, and at least as many good faith ceasefires.

As the bolo rolls back onto the hill, it triggers a land mine placed in its absence. Instead of an explosion, the bolo and everything nearby it is teleported a few galaxies away into a black hole.

Far, far away from My Hill.

In my triumphant victory dance, I step on the mine and suffer the same fate.

Well, considering you and whatever hill you think is yours are now beyond the event horizon, and considering that we can no longer see you or it, I plant a flag on the next hill over and restart this game.

My (new) Hill

Turns out that the theory that black holes are actually wormholes is true. They ARE one-way, and unfortunately for Scarecrow, this one seems to have the exit terminus directly above his head. Such a shame the entire hill AND my Bolo fell directly on top of the new hill, which has again become MY HILLS!


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