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4ED&D: Max@18 - Must 1/@08; 31 Point Buy Starting Ability Score Systems??

4ED&D: Max@18 - Must 1/@08; 31 Point Buy Starting Ability Score Systems??

Can someone show me how to abuse this idea for an alternate (Homebrew) Starting Ability Scores System.

This system isn't meant to prevent powerful attacking characters but to help streamline optimized characters' concepts into all round balance characters but all of my analysis with it can't satisfied my fear that the obvious safety I had intentionally placed in it won't hold away the no fun play for a character with an either substantial advantage or disadvantage thanks to this Ability Score's Point-Buy Systems.

So here's the challenge I had devised in order to satisfied my own results as been sound:
Can you show me a single PC following the PC's chosen Class' Ability Scores Guidelines at Level 1 and at Level 8 using this Starting Ability Score's System's instructions that makes this entire Ability Score System's idea either too ridiculously powerful or too weak for advance and difficulty level 1-3 and Level 7-9 published 4ED&D published campaigns?

Also can you included quick explanations on why this is too powerful or why this is too weak which would be helpful for me to see what you mean too? For the purpose of comparison's sake, you may present the regulated 22-Point-Buy Ability Score system or a Standard Ability Score Array as examples to present with your explanations too.

Here's My 4ED&D Ability Scores' Point-Buy System Idea:
Using a Maximum Starting Ability Score of 18 for any of the Starting Ability Scores as long as you meet the prerequisite that one of your Starting Ability Scores equals 08; using a 31-Point Buy distribution systems to complete the Starting Ability Score for your presenting PC for this challenge then show the finalized Ability Scores from all the following Ability Scores' bonuses after they are calculated into the PCs final build's scores from all standardized procedures for Level 1 and for Level 8 (Remember to included your L4 and L8 Abilities Scores Bonuses in your Level 8 versions)

If you see where the faultiness in this idea will be; especially with a certain racial bonuses using a certain class' features and powers, can you show me here on this thread?

Don't worry about it. I'm trashing this idea because it looks as if it isn't going to be accepted well by the experienced players.

Make sure you give them a minimum.... Min 6, max 18 and atleast one has to be 8 or less. Experienced players won't mind that. Allow racial mods to go above 18.

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