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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

Im in favor of a quick tour followed by rest assuming none of the rooms require our attention. Putting some goblin guards on the stairs seems prudent as well.

Ah. Sorry, I honestly tend to forget a few crucial details here and there if it hasn't happened in the last few days in real life.

In that case, lets definitely look for Gnoob while exploring the rest of the first level. Maybe Jack can jam the door leading downstairs shut (temporarily) before we search? Just in case Gnoob finds his courage after all... or finds it less risky to head downstairs if he spots us coming to potentially corner and kill him.

I'm fine with the goblin guard idea.

I'm actually partial to heading back out to the grove to rest and replenish spells, etc., rather than the barracks. If Nualia and her minions do come looking, I could trap them with entangle (as Gogmurt did to us earlier). Otherwise, with us all in the barracks with a goblin guard at the door, I expect that if Nualia does come up, we'd be at a significant disadvantage: (a) Thistletop guards have not exactly shown themselves to be particularly observant thus far, (b) being in a confined room is less advantageous for a druid (with entangle still prepared) than being in the woods, and (c) if Nualia turns out to be an arcane caster and we're stuck in a confined room... FIREBALL!!

Maybe lets all vote on whether to (a) rest in the barracks or (b) rest in the grove. Option (a) can be the default if we don't get responses by the time Ariel posts, to keep things moving along. Lets keep a goblin guard at the door either way (he can be instructed to run out to warn us if we rest in the grove).

I actually really like your plan B Kartari- as long as we can be reasonably sure Nualia won't come up from the lower levels in force and retake the fort. It is a fortress after all, and might be hard to break into versus alert guardians. Just look at the trouble the goblins gave us.

One of the things we were hoping to find...

Storage Room 2:
Gnoob is crouching in fear below a small table in here.
I believe we want to have a conversation with Gnoob...

Originally Posted by syscam View Post
Don't forget the bridge...

Option A it is...

Like I wrote, I "tend to forget a few crucial details here and there." Lol.

Originally Posted by syscam View Post
I believe we want to have a conversation with Gnoob...
A conversation with Gnoob reveals he was hiding in this room since the moment the battle in the throne room started.

Originally Posted by kartari View Post
"Well... maybe fate smile on you today, in a funny way," Gogmurt explains to the cowardly goblin. "Warchief Ripnugget dead. Silverhair murdered him, and some other goblins".
Yeah... hes gonna buy that for sure after he himself led the party into the throne room and watched the first moments of battle ensuing... NOT...
Anyways, Gnoob swears he is loyal to Gogmurt the new chief and no need to worry about him betraying you. Unlike others in the tribe, good old Gnoob never betrayed anyone.

Whats next?Anyone wants to do anything special, check any room, talk to someone or do anything?
Whats your next move? Going to rest?

Yep, rest is the next thing on the agenda i believe.
Once everyone is restored we can begin the decent.

I'm good to go.

And as far as Gnoob... I should probably make my signature read, "Sorry, I tend to forget a few crucial details here and there."

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