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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

I'll let Ariel_Shatil decide what the hawk did then. I had put all the rolls in kind of expecting it to whiff repeatedly and at least the crazy goblin lady would stop stabbing me.

The first talon brought goblin #3 to 0, knocking her out, or at least too weak to keep her attacks. You can now move the hawk to the nearest next opponent (goblin wife #1 or #4).

Actually, I did just realize that nonlethal damage equal to hit points is just staggered, not unconscious. Nonlethal greater than current hit points is unconscious. So I guess she is still up, just staggered. Don't deal with nonlethal very often.

Originally Posted by Ariel_Shatil View Post
Yeah... ok. #3 is staggered, not knocked out.
well.. i mean.. the FIRST talon staggered her...

I would rather the hawk simply club her unconscious than kill her, as the plight of the goblin wives is what pissed Hai'ta off.

also while I am gone this weekend, if you need to act for me Ariel_shatil to keep the game rolling, feel free. We can just say the spirit of Hastur moved me

Im back from vacation guys!

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