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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

Originally Posted by kartari View Post
A question, Ariel. Would you consider allowing Gogmurt to cast shillelagh on his spear next round? Maybe count it as a club or staff if he uses the blunt (bludgeoning) end? No worries if not, I realize it's technically not in the spell description. I'm just not sure how else Gogmurt can be effective in this battle, LOL.
I can let you cast the shillelagh on the spear shaft, but it will be a (magical) improvised weapon (-4 to attack roll) dealing 2d6 (20/x2) damage; +1 magic enhancement to attack and damage rolls.

Originally Posted by kartari View Post
... and then there's Hai'ta.
Go go gadget summons and debuffs?

Thanks Ariel. That's reasonable.

IamVoivode... Well, let's just say that big spiders are probably better than anything I've got, LOL.

To clarify my last post, IamVoivode, Gogmurt is asking Hai'ta if he can summon a flying creature. He has a plan, if so...

ahhh ok. I misread it. Will respond when it's my turn again, ill summon 1d3 eagles

No worries. After rereading my post, I realized it could have been written more clearly.

Although... if your misinterpretation can lead to humor, I don't mind at all working with Gogmurt suddenly starting to levitate or something, LOL.

Hope no one was waiting for me.
Nothing Jack can do ATM
Just in case I posted IC to that effect.

I dont think the hound succeeded. It's a DC 14 to break but they get -4 to break free from inside.

As far as I understand, they have -4 when trying to burst (strength check) not when using escape artist skill.
When using the Escape artist, Dex does not apply though.

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