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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

You don't get many opportunities to play the less than dumb fighter. This situation was a gift..

Too bad Jack is missing out on this...

He would love to practice his lock picking skill and get in on the sarcasm at the same time...

Win Win.

Chatahee is right outside the Inn.

Well, it's not just up to me. Kartari should be involved in something like that. And, Kartari, if you want this scene to conclude quickly just say the word.

I'm enjoying the game so far. But it would be nice if I get out of the box relatively soon. Only because there's not much else for me to do atm other than keep complaining, lol.

I'm very fine waiting for it to naturally unfold though. I can wait for either a deputy or for Jack to release him, for instance.

Btw, Ariel, are you waiting for me to recreate my app in the PCs folder? Or have you simply not gotten around to moving it yourself yet? No rush, just wondering if I missed something...

Or... are you planning to kill me off too soon to be bothered with my app by dropping a 25-ton Monty Python-style weight onto the crate from the heavens and have a good laugh at my expense?


You are allowed to of course!
I wasn't clear on this but you are all allowed to jump into any thread on the forum if you think its reasonable your character sees/hears/feels whatever.

I was planning to move on with the main thread days ago, but my next post is going to be a bit long, and I just can't find the time to sit down and write it properly. Hopefully I'll find sometime tomorrow (I discovered office hours are great for this!! Unfortunately I spend most of my days in the field...). Chatahee's side quest was supposed to be much shorter than it turned out to be, and I was hoping he will also join in the main thread even if the side quest continues.

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