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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

Zeno intends to bind Lady Carcelle for the boost to his confidence, then investigate the rumours around town alongside anyone else who's interested in accompanying him, beginning with the one about his mentor Ilsoari, if only to clear his name of the ridiculous rumour. He'd also like to figure out how to help Gorvi and the city come to an agreement, and speak to Deverin to see what he knows about goblins that even Shalelu might not.

Jack is also very interested and invested in rooting out these rumors and gathering info etc.
He will spend as much time as possible on this endeavor.

Chatahee, with neither the skill nor the inclination to go chasing rumours, sets out for serial killer island to take a look around.

Lurr feels somewhat obligated to help deal with Gorvi, not necessarily for racial reasons, but because she already spoke on his behalf.

Awarthannen has a few ideas for pursuits over the next few days. Aside from assisting in the investigation, he also intends to investigate the Old Light some more, and plans as well to investigate the goblin pyre north of town to possibly retrieve his stolen gear.

Regarding the goblin situation, he discerns (probably correctly) that his presence would only hinder the investigation of rumors, with the way most townsfolk tend to see him as a frightening creature. His priority would be to investigate Father Tobyn's empty tomb. Perhaps something was missed that only an arcanist could discern.

Alternately, or additionally, and to the chagrin of both Chatahee and Awarthannen ( ), another plausible course of action would be to tag along with Chatahee to scout the island goblins. He could also accompany Shalelu to scout another goblin camp instead.

I think Parice will join Lurr for a bit on helping Gorvi. She's been helping sick and hurt people her entire life, so I suppose she feels obligated.

Hi guys,
The last week, and the next six weeks or so will be a bit hectic for me. Next week I have to be in a conference in Romania, and soon after I get back, I will be in the field for almost a month straight (I'm an archaeologist). I promise at least one post a week, and promise to try even more than that, but as you probably already noticed my posting frequency has already gone down. Please be patient, and don't leave our game!

An archaeologist? Nice. Maybe I'll get to be one in another life. In the meantime, I play Awarthannen.

Yeah my posting will continue to be a bit spotty for the next week or so. Trying to juggle summer school in with my two jobs... I'm crazy, lol. Once I get myself situated with school, I should be more regular. I'm actually going for my second degree, this time in history, so I can be an armchair archaeologist (a.k.a. college professor).

Leave? Hell no.. we won't go!

Don't mind me...

Just going to put my feet up... ahh...


Coffee table... Honey... its just a table?

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