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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

So Chatahee with his +0 in diplomacy is going to arrange work papers and payment?

And about the Celibate nun thing. I choose to believe it's not a requierment, as the Clerics of Sarenrae are usually very active, enjoying swordplay and whatnot, so it's not uncommon to find them as adventurers, which may lead to quite questionable situations. I do believe it's a choice very many takes on the other hand, a choice which Parice hasn't given much thought to, as it's not a question she has ever had to answer.

Originally Posted by Starhawk View Post
So Chatahee with his +0 in diplomacy is going to arrange work papers and payment?

Jack should have suggested that Zeno go with you I guess... At the time he did not know your intentions...

Well, I guess it could make for some interesting negotiations.

Hi guys,
I'm flying to Paris tonight for a week so I'm not sure I will be able to post frequently, but I will read the posts every day and reply if I can.
Please keep the story going! Jackson rolled shit on survival , but if one of you rolls better (which is not very hard to do), so Jacks roll will be just a failed attempt to aid another. Fetching a track dog is a good idea, though I'm not sure where exactly you plan to find one. Maybe on the farmsteads outside town, but going there and convincing a hunter to join you with his tracking dog might take just as long as doing the search yourself. Oh, and there's that half-orc from last night!

I can not seem to find any reference that fits the "Oh, and there's that half-orc from last night!" description.

Anyone else?

Skarbrand played an half orc hunter named Aggezar (or was it Agezzar) in part I of the adventure and he fought the goblins alongside you. You can also find him in the NPCs section now

Yeah, we could really use a tracker now. It was covered and now it's not.

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