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The Value of Attributes in MnM 3e

Well that why I made them equl in value so that one way wouldn't be much better than the other.

And if I instead would take away the attributes I would still have to come up with some trait people can put points in in order to lift and carry stuff since that's determined by Strength alone.

Same with Stamina, I would have to replace it with something that gives people a bonus when they are trying to prevent themselves from dying.

You can't make them equal because their value is dependent upon how many of the skills which they increase you care about. If you have 8 Expertise skills, for example, each rank of Int is worth 4 points more than if you have none.

Even if you could, you still have to ask the question - what's the point? If I have Dodge, and the Boosts-Dodge attribute (which gives me a bonus to Dodge and only Dodge), and they cost the same amount and both do exactly the same thing... why do they both exist?


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