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3.5 encounter level 7 (+/- 3 or 4)

A big red button on a podium out in the middle of nowhere. When pressed.... Nothing happens!
uh, what just happened? lol, nice!

That one is merely amusing, what's hilarious is when a goblin trebuchet team sets it up as a trap to keep the party still at a known range

A greater barghest with two Crusader levels (for Thicket of Blades), and a few worg-riding goblin minions. I ran an encounter like this a few years ago, and it worked well thematically and mechanically. They were basically a band of raiders. The barghest would make them all invisible, and they'd ambush travelers.

It's not really an encounter but more of something to pull on the pcs, they get captured and turned into elans, boom level 1 restart lol

Or vice versa and they begin to get their old memories back, good way to add a gestalt option to the game

Had a fighting game up that I ended a while back, but was gonna allow for dual character builds like switching stances in tekken full round action, provokes attack of opportunity. Though allows a con check to prevent distraction.

Aranea or Arena

Im seeking some different opinions on how to handle the following scenario?

In a small huddle of trees, trees that where once part of an ancient forest, rest a colony of Aranea. The forest is also home to many monstrous sized spiders and a pair of deeply secluded ettercaps. Their are also viscous birds and wild boar who live along one of its sides. The forest itself is about 15 square miles and rests on the edge of a vast region of wetlands.

The group that the PC's are working with need lumber to build their fort. The groups "general" has already investigated the forest and met some of its inhabitants. The Aranea's are not evil but yes a battle did occur. However, some amount of diplomacy was reached. The General informed the creatures that the forest was now part of the kings land and that he would give them 10 days to move before lumbering of the wood begins.

Does the elder of the colony follow the general's orders or do they stay and fight? It will most likely be the PC's who go and see if the Arenea have left the small cluster of trees amidst a vast open plain.

Originally Posted by Demon of the West View Post
Aboleths and their minions!

Those piles of ooze and tears of players are crafty buggers.
Aboleths are horrid. They're CR 7, supposedly, but have every opportunity to be played so cunningly as to be really nasty for a party to face. Worse, they live in water. Water in D&D is like the worst. Put them in water and their CR jumps up by about a million. The only thing worse than water is water combined with Antimagic Field or Dispel Magic.

Originally Posted by Tsunami1768 View Post
In a world drenched in evil (or any world for that matter) what type of encounter would you create...
*im looking for some extra ideas to bring to my game, but hey, feel free to use them for yours if you want!

*the average encounter level of 7, with a level variant up to 3 or 4 in both the positive and negative direction is recommended but any would be fine.
Unleash the Dragons!

A young green dragon is Challenge Rating 5, young red dragon and juvenile black dragon are both Challenge Rating 7, and an adult white dragon is Challenge Rating 10.

Just choose the type appropriate to whatever environment you adventure in, have a dragon fly by and decide that it is hungry.
If the players manage to slay the dragon, it would lead to possible further adventures: seeking out the hoard of the slain monster and/or being sought out by an avenging mother dragon.

Ive got a few dragons in the works, young dragons, but during the adventurers current timeline dragons are not going to be added to any encounter chart... Dungeons and Dragons, those are two things im going to stay away from... moreso the second than the first.
but will surely be adding them as the group continues to explore....
was even thinking about having a nest of dragon eggs found, however unless certain knowledge's are used the group wont know that they actually stumbled upon a nest of Githyanki eggs, lol... thus alerting some form of "guardian" and the calling of their owners, possibly to arrive in a flying ship or something


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