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The 2016 Deadpool (not the movie)

The 2016 Deadpool (not the movie)

Yes, it may be morbid, tacky, in poor taste, or possibly even offensive. If so, the mods will no doubt shut it down.

So for those interested, post your 10 currently alive celebs you thing might (or are worried might) die in 2016.
"Winner" gets to say "I told you so" and run 2017's pool. (Note: this is not a list of people you wish would die--that's another deal altogether, and one I'll have no truck with.)

So have fun and good luck.

A few days ago I already predicted that Prince was probably next, sadly. Alan Rickman died on my birthday so that combined with the fact that several people I know, family and friends who have passed in the last couple of years makes this not such a fun game.

Right then! Time to play Devil's Advocate:
  1. Sir Patrick Stewart
  2. Sir Ian McKellen
  3. Gene Wilder
  4. Mel Brooks
  5. Betty White
  6. Stan Lee
  7. Paul McCartney
  8. Morgan Freeman
  9. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  10. Clnt Eastwood

This thread is more appropriate for Non Sequitor, and has been moved accordingly.

My money is on both Ian McKellen and Betty White. Followed very closely by Keith Richards.

Betty White, Ian McKellen, and Stan Lee are all good bets. I don't see Stewart going anytime soon. It would be the saddest celebrity death all year but I keep expecting William Daniels (Mr. Feeny) to kick the bucket. Does Jimmy Carter count, he hasn't been well lately. Hugh Heffner, Bill Cosbey, Queen Elizabeth, Bob Barker, and Harrison Ford (boldest prediction) round out my list.

Tweaked my pool. I added Morgan Freeman and Paul McCartney.

Like I said, I'm playing devil's advocate for my dead pool.

Originally Posted by WhisperMagellan View Post
Note: this is not a list of people you wish would die--that's another deal altogether, and one I'll have no truck with.
So, sad as some of these may be, it's not a wish list, it's a "I think it's likely" list.


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