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The 2016 Deadpool (not the movie)

So my reluctant Guesses:
Colin Baker
Queen Elizabeth II
Danny Glover
Malcolm McDowell
George Takei
Kim Jyun Un
Fidel Castro
Honey Booboo
Olsen Twins
Britney Spears

I personally hope you are all to be wrong and no more celebs die this year. but that is just me.

Me too, man, me too

I'm still putting my money on Ian McKellen, Betty White, and Keith Richards. I've got 4 months to go, and I hope I'm wrong on all three of those.

That's silly. Keith Richards is never going to die. I would think that that's pretty clear by now

Um, Dick Clark died in 2012...

Oh. I was still totally brain scrambled in 2012. Th condition really did not show being decently clear until last year.

Well, so far it looks like Lwmons gets to run next year's pool. (Though Colin Baker didn't sound too hot in one of the bonus interviews I heard this year)


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