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The 2016 Deadpool (not the movie)

If I do win, am I allowed to change the rules when I run next year's pool?

Gene - "Willy Wonka" Wilder.

***Sigh - sob ***

I read the book way before it was a movie. I checked out the book from the Santa Monica public Library on Ocean Park Blvd - the same place as where i checked out the Phantom toll booth and the Encyclopedia Brown detective books, Back in the 60's and 70's.

Originally Posted by Dan Napier View Post
This really is morbid. Not a complaint, I'm fine with the post. But it is.
Yes it is. (I feel so ashamed...--sniffle)

Originally Posted by Lwmons View Post
If I do win, am I allowed to change the rules when I run next year's pool?
It will become your game, so, yes; I don't see why not.

Originally Posted by Tetsubo View Post
I hate face book. it is te evilzz
You forgot pointless, useless, and utterly without merit (OK, there are a few rare exceptions...).

Speaking as someone who has no social media accounts(unless you count forums): Yeah, I agree

I like how everyone ignored the fact that apparently he's alive (combined with the fact the site I linked to not being facebook, but rather the site it linked me to) in favor of bitching about facebook.

Nevermind that someone you thought was dead apparently isn't, no the fact that a person got news of their survival via a website you don't like is the big thing. Screw them being alive am I right?

Bloody ad hominems.

Hey everyone, Facebook said that the Nazis are evil. [/snark]


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