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101 Reasons To Jump Out A Window

101 Reasons To Jump Out A Window

So there's this city.
It's a nice city, by a big river. It might be modern, or high fantasy medieval, or ancient egyptian, or whatnot.
In this city is a big fancy house, belonging to a nobleman or somebody else important.

~tinkle tinkle~

And you just jumped out the window on the first floor.
Why did you do that?

(Explanation: I posted a thread posing an idea for a make-it-up-as-you-go D&D/Pathfinder game, which starts with a defenestration; everybody started posting ideas for why they jumped out the window, so I decided to set up a forum game for it just in case it continues.)

Anyway, why you jumped out the window?

1. I didn't jump, I tripped! Honest. The fact that it happened right after Katisha proposed to me is coincidence.
I deny that she is ugly and unpleasant to be with; the fact that I booked the first carriage out of town afterwards is also coincidence.

2. The sorcerer's seasoning spell backfired and left me covered in steak sauce and, well, the druid's pet dire wolf was hungry...

3. Well, you see, we Thri-Kreen have a +30 to Jump checks, and I wanted to get up to the first floor, and...I didn't realize there was glass there.

Angry father with a crossbow. Enough said.

4. The cameras were rolling, and it was a stunt that had to be performed. I jumped out the window while dodging all those bullets, see...

6. Some loony managed to Gate in a half-fiend baby Tarrasque, that's why I jumped out the window!
...It was only later that I discovered that I had been fooled by a gnome illusionist.

7. There was this bright light on the other side of the window. I couldn't help myself; it was so beautiful...

8. The room flooded I jumped out to make a way for all of the water to escape!

9. So there is this guy who is a total nut-case and a bit of a, uh, crypto-zoologist. So anyway, he got it into his head that I was coming for him because he 'unveiled the dark conspiracy' or something. I mean, him waving his silver cross at me was just confusing, and sprinkling me with holy water was just annoying. Also damp. But then he pulled out the silver-bullet-loaded MP 40 and that's when I decided to make, uh, a dynamic exit...

10. There was a knock on the door as the innkeeper's apprentice offered to take my chamberpot. I wasn't expecting an otyugh when I answered.

11. Window...Must. Reist. Urge. To. Defenestration. (Self-Defenestration)

12. When the EPA found out that my Massive Antarctic Cities and landships ruin the environment. (And have a multi-nation army on the doorstep)


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