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101 Reasons To Jump Out A Window

27. A warrior tried to turn me to shreds with his bare hands. He said something about spinal cords.

28. Boo went for the eyes

29. It's a bad idea to set up your antique life-sized trebuchet during a drunken frat party.

30. Welllllllll, your wife and i were in your house . . . . .together . . . . . . without you . . . . . . then you showed up . . . . . ;

31. Well let's see. I'm pretty sure that the Ice Cream truck was driving down the block... Oh wait, that's an exterminator van.

32. Uh, Admiral, I didn't know she was YOUR daughter.

33. Who said anything about "jump"?

34. Well, Scarecrow big brother was a bit sore about me throwing him through the window, so o o o o ooo

35. I glanced at my phone...and there was like a super rare pokemon in my front garden...and the snot-nosed neighbour kid was tear assing down the street.

Gotta catch them all.

36. Two words. Horrendous. Flatulence.


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