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101 Reasons To Jump Out A Window

38. I was going a little too fast at the indoor ice-skating rink.

Originally Posted by Steampeng MK1 View Post
37. WINDOW...you must mean the 5th story's back door. . . . .
. . . . that led to the roof of the neighboring 4 story building

40. As a dwarf, I probably should have realized I wasn't charismatic enough to explain to the king why I needed to murder his son.

41. A guy threw an shiny orange bead at my feet while shouting 'Delayed Blast Fireball!'.

It turned out to be a Bluff check.

42. See the story goes... well... um... there was this woman.... screaming and stuff, brandishing large blunt objects. I had to wrap her up.... then the police showed up and I had to get out.... A spider ain't no spiderman but I tired.

43. I'm not entirely sure why, but this Mack truck was coming at me at like 50 mph. I had to jump out of the window or get run over.

44. Why, for the greater glory of satan of course!

45. One word, Canabalt.

46. I don't know how it happened. I was just talking to this guy in a weird helmet, then suddenly he yells "FUS RO DAH!"

*Nordic male chorus begins in the background*


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