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101 Reasons To Jump Out A Window

Oi! My text!

48. So yeah, I got this invitation to meet that nice gentleman in his cliff-side manor, and of course I obliged. I mean, I'm not exactly what a gentleman would call a gentleman myself, the place is a bit out-of-the-way and travelling in the dead of winter is always a hassle, but there was the invitation and I was curious. It helped that the guy has a reputation for being a bit eccentric. So I get there, am greeted by the butler who informs me that my host will meet me and the other guests at dinner, settle in etc. but don't actually meet any of those 'other guests'.

For some reason, there is always something getting in the way of exploring, so I really don't get to leave my room until dinnertime comes around. So I put on my best suit and are shown the way to the dining room. And there I get to meet the other guests: About half a dozen or so other people, all males, mostly other gentlemen, but also one or two guys I'd peg as, err, 'miscellaneous'. Since we are all strangers, there is only a bit of light conversation until we are all seated and settled in.

And finally, our gracious host arrives and we are having a toast and stuff, and eventually the guy tells us why he has called us strangers together. He tells us that the place is quite remote and isolated, and that by now, we are the only people left in the manor, because he told all the staff to go away, lock the doors and not look back, effectively. Because, apparently, among our number is hiding a vicious monster, a werewolf, and he intends to find out who it is and 'have the beast slain' before the full moon in three days.

What can I say? I've read enough horror stories to know where that was going, so I vacated the premises post haste.

Yeah, the way back through all the snow was no camping trip, but my winter coat is pretty thick and there were some deer for hunting. Pity about that dinner suit though.

50. I was Wilkins. Of Finance.

Originally Posted by Avaday Daydream View Post
50. I was Wilkins. Of Finance.
I bet you Parkinson will be next.

51. I stole top secret information dealing with the last strain of the super virus. I was going to give it to the Godfather's Sherpa but then the building was raided by federal, super mutant Gophers. So I took the nearest exit. Still taking glass bits out.

52. I was told there would be chocolate at the bottom.

I was told wrong.

54. did someone say free beeeerrrrrr . . . . . .. . . . .?

55. I was the juggler in a mob attack of clowns and someone went for the juggler to stop the attack

Originally Posted by Lex Samreeth View Post
52. I was told there would be chocolate at the bottom.

I was told wrong.
56. by the way, the cake is a lie

Originally Posted by Tetsubo View Post
54. Boo went for my eyes
Oi, I already did that one!

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