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Real Life Animals That Are Practically Already Pokemon

Real Life Animals That Are Practically Already Pokemon

I found this image and decided it should be a pokemon. I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if there's already a pokemon based off it, but there are too many now for me to go through them all.

So here's mine. You all should post images of real life animals that wouldn't look out of place if you just dropped it into the PokeVerse with no modification.

I dub thee: Sqargle
Actual animal: Dumbo Octopus

I had two of those as pets once. I called them Axel and Lottel.

Anyway. Platypus.
It lays eggs despite being mammalian (like a pokemon), it has venom (all pokemon can learn Toxic), it's some weird hodgepodge of a duck, a beaver, and a cute thing...

Say hello to the batfish

The Desert Rain Frog. Or, as it is known in some circles, the Hate Toad

Grimer's dapper cousin.

Originally Posted by Avaday Daydream View Post

Grimer's dapper cousin.
the beloved blob fish


Bug/Psychic? Bug/Rock? Something like that...I mean, a caterpillar with jewels on its back? Instant Pokemans!


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