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Comical Games in PBP

Comical Games in PBP

Hey everyone,
I'm looking to get some feed back....... I've gotten this Idea, it's one I've worked on a while ago but am looking to possibly run it here...... It's FATE based shadowrun game. The twist is that, the players aren't shadowrunners. They are Corporate men and women who are selected to be part of a special project for some reason or another. Anyway, they all screwed up, the corp blackmailed/manipulated them to sign up for the project.
Now, the corp is a just below a A grade corp (forgot the scale at the moment for grading corps), and are actually a bit unique on the services they offer and the products they produce. They are stumbling upon some things that nobody else has uncovered yet, which will give them an edge (The corp that is). However, it could (and will) make them a target for corporate espionage.
So this game would be like office space, but in the world of Shadowrun. The focus would be humor, office interaction, uncovering corporate mysteries, and dealing with the wacky things that deal with the special project they signed up for. Combat can and will happen, but the group isn't runners. So no big crazy gigs are likely to happen.
But imagine coming to work one day, and the office was shot to crap, because shadowrunners tried to break in and steal something. "WHAT? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY TERMINAL!? WAS THAT A GRENADE??!" Might just be a line you hear as you are escorted to your office to get your things one day.
Well that's most of my Idea...... So my questions are these:
1) Has anyone done a comedy style game? How did it go? Can I get a link to read one if you have.
2) Is comedy hampered in Play by Post? My RL games are full of great lines and humor, not sure how well it translates over.
3) Would a Comedy style game even catch peoples interest? Or is it very niche?

PM me or comment here. Thanks everyone!

I think humor can work in PbP, but you have to be careful about what kind of humor you rely on. Obviously accents and impressions aren't going to translate well in a post, but I think British authors like Douglas Adams and Terry Prachett have some that satire, absurdism, and puns still have effect in writing.

Considering this specific game, I think the premise can work. However I would not run it in any existing Shadowrun system. Shadowrun is designed to make your characters feel like action movie badasses, and your PCs are going to be a bunch of office drones; they're not going to be built in such a way to feel 'good' or 'powerful' in any Shadowrun system, or else your players are going to find ways to fit in combat skills anyway. ("Yeah, my character's a Troll, uh, IT intern but he really wants to get big into Urban Brawl. That's why he has maxed-out cyberarms and Wired Reflexes.")

I would probably run this in Fiasco. It is the gold standard for comedy RPGs, and it is literally built to be about people out of their depths in an absurd manner/situation.

I just got a copy of that and skimmed it over today while I was at work. I'm going to take a solid look at it. The relationships and interconnecting parts are definitely something I plan to use. I'm pretty set on using fate, especially because It's going to string out for some time.
Oh yeah and NO WAY was I going to even attempt to use the shadowrun system for wage-slaves. It just wouldn't work unless they had some shadowrunner ambition or something. The game has potential for them to possibly become kinda bad ass, but not like a team of crack shadowrunners. They got dirt on them, or some sort of need that only the Corp can provide.

Thanks for the input, Have you played in a Fiasco game on Mythweavers?

yes comedy can work. Not having the best record of games I will not link any of my games.... but...

I have noticed people don't mind a funny game, so its not as nitched as you might think. The best comedy moments I have had were an "outside in" kind of way. think Austin Powers or flash/flesh Gordon and other similar styled movies; All the characters are vary serious and everything is done seriously but we (the audience/ the players) find it funny, and comical.

A sort of Alice in Wonderland vibe. I think it translates best or it is the type I am better at.

Would you be running vanilla FATE core, or would you be using other stuff?

I think 'Planet Mercenary' will be the ideal system for a comical game once its released. Its based off the very well written and frequently funny webcomic Schlock Mercenary by Howard Taylor. It seems to be combat based but I dont know what kind of character interaction rules it will have.

The trick to comedy games would be in having a huge pool of random events that the characters aren't expecting. Jokes and such will wear thin if they are predictable.

I do like the idea of wage slaves suddenly having to deal with ridiculous situations they arnt qualified to handle. I very much enjoy writing comedy (read my webcomic to get an idea). Ive never played in FATE before so id have to learn that. If I was running the game id use d20 Modern since its good at making regular people, but thats also because im most familiar with it.

Well, if you're curious Fate core is free, so check it out. It's a system I've been using I'm familiar with and think it's great. Everybody has to be creative, writing your character up is important. Is not so much about attributes as a skill pyramid. Many attributes can be placed in that pyramid so it takes a lot of complication out. I'll glance at your comic, but if you're a writer definitely check out fate. I'm running a gritty zombie survival game withbit right now.

One thing I am surprised nobody has mentioned is the fact that for a comical game to work you have to make sure everyone is on the same page. Be explicit about it too. Otherwise you'll end up with that one player trying to play it strait and being frustrated by your antics and not taking it seriously.

For sure, i want to do my best tonmake sure everyone is on the same page. A awkward situations are going to be key.


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