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Comical Games in PBP

This sounds like a fun idea, and a worthy experiment to try(comedy in a PbP game). I would be interested in joining, but I have only a tiny bit of knowledge on Shadowrun(just started playing in a campaign of it in RL) and no experience with FATE. If the system is indeed free, where can one pick it up?

Originally Posted by Librarium View Post
Fate Core SRD Free
Fate Core Digital Copy Pay what you want
Fate Core Hardcover $20+
The hardcover is great. I kickstarted Fate Core and couldn't be happier with the quality of the physical and printed material.
I've got the game up, but I'm in pre-game right now. Getting players together currently, setting up NPCs and doing character sheet templates. Also game is going to be slow, as I am in many other games and I am also a father. I am hoping to do 1-3 posts every 2 weeks. Take a look at those links if they skill work.

Originally Posted by Rena_ishtar View Post
yes comedy can work. Not having the best record of games I will not link any of my games.... but...

I have noticed people don't mind a funny game, so its not as nitched as you might think. The best comedy moments I have had were an "outside in" kind of way. think Austin Powers or flash/flesh Gordon and other similar styled movies; All the characters are vary serious and everything is done seriously but we (the audience/ the players) find it funny, and comical.

A sort of Alice in Wonderland vibe. I think it translates best or it is the type I am better at.
I am really going to be going for "outside in" kinda way for much of the humor. I mean, hell..... if you were an office worker, and someone trashed your desk.... obviously you would be mad. Now, for example..... if you character has some sort of deadline for a project, only to come in the next day and find a chalk outline a few feet from his desk, and blood on his paperwork. Or his desk is blown up by a grenade. His reaction might be funny. Or how he reacts to the Ork gangers that don't want to move their car when they are late for work....... or the nice guy in the call center who always gets crap from the same TROLL on for tech support help. Or the strange things that happen around building G at night.....

This is the kinda stuff I got in mind.


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