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Continue the story

Continue the story

I will start the story and the next person adds a little bit to it, but they hve to use the 3 random words I posted after the story starter. Once you write your part add 3 random words, but try Not to reuse words good luck.
Here is story starter:
The elf walks into the inn, immediately strolling towards the man sitting alone in the corner. "I heard that you have a job for me."
"Yes I want you to go and find an item that was stolen from me"

Random Words:Chaotic, Agility, Association

"Ser," said the elf, using his innate agility to produce a small bejewled knife from his belt, as if by magic. "You understand the Association is not in the habit of taking simple retrieval jobs. Imagine the chaotic state of affairs that would result if we put our services out there for any such demand!"

Random Words: Birdsong, Carrot, Bell.

The man glances over to his backup, a Tiefling by the name of Birdsong, before looking back at the elf. "If the Association wants to keep operating in this town, and not end up digging up carrots for the prisons, then they'll do this favor for me." The man then rang a small bell and motioned for the server to bring over some drinks for the pair.

Random Words: Mighty, Jade, God

The server brought two mighty strong mugs of ale and set them down carefully for the patrons. He turned to go back, but then thought better and offered his input saying, "The God of Elves, Corellon Larethian, has an interesting temple of worship in the forest north of here. I have heard it has a bridge made entirely of jade that leads up to the entrance." The server then shrugged and added, "but what do I know, I've never actually seen it - just heard rumors."

Random Words: Cross, Ice, Blink

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