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Username Change Request

Hi, I created this account many years ago, under a very old username that i've long since retired. Instead of creating an entirely new account, could I ask to have this account's username changed to the following username please? I've checked the list of usernames linked at the beginning of this thread, and it shows it's not in use; if you can make this change, i'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

New Username:


I'd like to change my name to

Can anyone make my request.

I'd like my username changed to

Be patient--only Colin and Rodrigo can do these and they're busy guys.

Sorry about the delay folks, I was prepping for and then at a trade show for the past two weeks.

Dramacydle: That username is already taken, sorry.

I joined the forum today, but ended up with a typo in my username- doh!
May I please have it changed to Elannwyn?


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