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Favorite Podcasts?

Favorite Podcasts?

So, I do a lot of drawing and image editing in my line of work, and nothing helps me concentrate on skill-based work more than a good podcast to listen to.

But alas! After so many hours of audio bliss, I am running out of podcasts to listen to! I've listened to all archived episodes (often multiple times) and eagerly await each new weekly update, while supporting my favorite 'casts with regular donations to keep my supply secure. Even so, I find myself running dry, and 'Top 10 Podcast' lists tend to just line up the same podcasts over and over again. I turn to you, my fellow Myth-Weavers, for a podcast exchange. Your favorites for mine.

I'll start:

This American Life - One of the earliest, and still the best, IMO. Over twenty years of entertaining, humanizing stories. I particularly like listening to their old episodes about 'current' politics, which are like perfect little windows into past political landscapes. It helps keep things in perspective, I think. But, if you're sick of politics, they have episodes about almost any other subject you can think of too.

99 Percent Invisible - A podcast about design and all the ways it affects our lives and culture. Really fascinating stuff, and they'll have you noticing and understanding things you never even thought about before. They have great articles too!

Criminal - This one can get gruesome at times, but it's still an interesting and well-done podcast. Some of the stories are about very serious subject matter (death row, murder, hate crimes, forensic evidence) and others, not so much. (Plant theft, retired police dogs, bourbon, detective novelist Raymond Chandler)

Most anything by Gimlet Media, but most especially Science Vs., Reply All, and Start Up.

The HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast - Most of the new shows are members-only, but much of the archives are free to listen. Includes information about HP Lovecraft, what influenced his writing, and the many other authors he corresponded with on a regular basis. Also readings of some of his stories! Best listened to in the dark and alone. ;3

The Longest Shortest Time
- A podcast about parenting. More entertaining than it sounds! Funny, heartfelt stories, in-depth discussions about complicated topics like cesarean sections and adoption, parental relationships and creative problem solving. I would recommend this to anyone regardless of whether you have/don't have/never intend to have kids.

I listen to a number of other podcasts on and off too, but those are the ones I would recommend the most. What are your favorite podcasts, and why? I need moar!

I'm mostly a sucker for fiction.

Tales from the Afternow blends heavy doses of cyberpunk, post-apocalypse, a hint of time travel, and a ton of other dystopian themes together really well. There are only so many episodes. There is a running narrative. It gets dark.

Escape Artists used to be my go-to. It began as EscapePod, if I recall right, but ultimately split off into three different branches. EscapePod took over science fiction, PsuedoPod for horror, and PodCastle for fantasy. Some of them get racy and are clearly marked. There was a lot of quality material in them when I fell away, too. There are enough podcasts here to keep you going for a long while.

Secret World Chronicle Primarily by Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin with other authors at times. Superheroes and aliens. The podcast is over six years old and still seems to be catching sporadic updates. There are enough episodes that you should be set for an incredible amount of time.

Full disclosure: I know both members of this next podcast personally. However, they really do tackle some cool self-help ideas in fun ways. I wouldn't be suggesting it if I didn't also enjoy it quite a lot. Help Wanted Podcast

I've recently been getting into Podcasts. Great way for me to pass the time when I'm working out or doing chores. Figured I could add to this list...

Hardcore History almost goes without saying, and probably turns up on most of the "top 10 podcasts" lists. But I don't think it's been mentioned yet, and it really is great (particularly after the first few episodes). As someone who's only recently been trying to learn more History, I found that this was a great way to start to orient myself and learn about some really cool stuff.

History of Rome is also good, and one that I'm in the midst of now. While it's not the most detailed story of Rome ever, it's still a lot more than most people know, and I think the author does a great job of keeping things understandable.

Myths and Legends is another one that I'm in the middle of now. It's generally kid-friendly (he has disclaimers if it's not), so it's a podcast that anyone in the family can listen to. The author goes over various legends from around the world, throughout time. He's touched on Aurthurian legends, Japanese folklore, lots of Nordic stuff. Really, it's just a fun introduction to a lot of stories you *think* you know, but with surprising origins.

I have recently been devouring everything Roleplaying Public Radio has put out, and the System Mastery boys are always solid. Two great roleplaying podcasts that have done a lot to expand my personal gaming horizons.

My favorite has always been 'Art and Story'

It's kind of an old one. It ended in 2012, but the information is pretty interesting. It's mainly for comic artists, but it would probably be good for any DMs out there.

Man! Brilliant thread idea!

I only listen to RPPR Actual Play and their stuff, but these history ones sound amazing. Now I have something to listen to on my jogs and stuff once my audiobooks run out. Cheers!

I lied, I sporadically listen to Lore when I want a good creeping out.

If you need something to chew on (intellectually, of course), The Philosopher's Zone is pretty meaty. A wide range of topics, and they steer pretty clear of trying to enforce ideologies. It can be a little hit-or-miss depending on the guests they bring on (some are better philosophers than they are public speakers), but you can't do much better to find a new way of thinking in 25 minutes.

My favourite over the last couple of years has been "Gamerstable", but their next ep is their last (they're stopping at 300 eps.) I also enjoy "Miskatonic University Podcast".

Hey everyone, it's Tuesday!

I tend to enjoy listening to the Drunken Peasants podcast on YouTube. Definitely not for everyone, but hey, I like them.


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