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101 Fun and Interesting ways for PCs to meet that don't start 'at the tavern'

101 Fun and Interesting ways for PCs to meet that don't start 'at the tavern'

As fun as it to use the old tavern trope, we all know relationships that start at the bar usually don't last very long
(Maybe that is the basis for failed games...? )

1.I've used 'riders in the night', as a means for secretive noble NPCs to gather talented individuals together for important missions.

2.I had one campaign start by PCs experiencing the otherworldly calling of shared dreams during sleep.

3. I'm contemplating my next campaign starting with the party chained together below deck on a prison vessel, ferrying them off to an isolated penal colony to serve out their life sentence.

What are some other good ways to get a new party together besides "You're at the bar and..."?

Meeting at military barracks some were volunteers some were convicts given a second chance some were just at the wrong place at wrong time

PCs all wake up in a monastary from a comma with no memories of whom they were.

The PCs all get a job offer that's too good to be true and they show up for the interview at the same time.

Start the PCs dirt poor and hungry. Have rumor of work for an unscrupulous petty noble. They can discover evidence of his plots against the crown, and get geared up nicely as a reward by the higher authorities. They won't need to fight, just sneak around a little.

Shared misery and a common enemy will bond them, and lead to the next few adventures, as "undocumented" agents of the crown.

To start the game, I had each of the PC's come up with a reason why they were each hunting a particular troll. Got everything from "The troll had a bounty" to "The troll eats babies and must die" to "The troll stole my music."

For your game you might have each of the PC's answer the question "Why are you chained up belowdecks on a slaver galley?"

They are all in the same market area when a thief on the run dashes through and tosses stolen, and extremely unique, goods at them a second before the city guards show up catching four strangers red handed as the thief disappears. . . To perhaps turn up later?


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