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101 Fun and Interesting ways for PCs to meet that don't start 'at the tavern'

Originally Posted by michael silverbane View Post
the pcs all get onto the same rollercoaster and are transported into a world of fantasy adventure.

I actually have the cartoon DVD collection, which came with a 3.5e supplement for the characters, their weapons of power, and the bad guys too Hmm... If only I wasn't so swamped.

A star falls from the sky nearby. As the group gets close the widely renowned Dudley Du'Wrong is seen riding off with the green glowing rock of potential. Why do they want that rock? And do they want it badly enough to work with others to nab it?

the characters get mysterious notes inviting them to a specific hotel room. When they get there, they find a dead body, and three men attemption to get out the window.

Oh wait, that's how Masks of Nyarlathotep starts....

Originally Posted by MysticMonkey View Post
They all sign up for a 3 hour tour. . .
I played that game. Gilligan killed everyone.

The characters show up for a real estate seminar only to find out the secret truth of the world.

All PCs trained at a war academy and eventually started their own life adventuring. Only to be called back by some great administrator from some special request/last wishes. Due to the great level of respect you had for this early life mentor. They return..... finding out that they all were tied to this man/woman in some way, and they would all be needed to accomplish his last wishes.

They crash land together on an island / planet / space station and are forced for better or worse to cooperate.


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