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Perks of being in a great organization

Perks of being in a great organization

My players just accepted being in the biggest superhero organization of my superhero game. They asked for some assistance. What kind of perks should I give them for that? They already have an HQ, a scientist building their weapons (We have two unpowered vigilantes and a cyborg) and a mascotte. They also got the help of an established hero. This one part is making me a little worried because I don't want an NPC stealing their thunder.

You should tie them up in red tape for almost every request. It would be hilarious. All the funding in the world to build any item they ever wanted, but they have to get it approved by the board first. Then it needs a majority rule by the engineers on design. Then there's R&D.

Then hand them a ray-gun when they asked for sharks with laser beams on their heads.

(I'm kidding of course, but it would be awesome.)

Give them special interest groups and benefactors that they can reach out to for information. It may thrust them down a sidequest or three, but in the end they know that they'll get the information they may need. You could even provide their alter egos some bonuses if that's a part of your story. I.E. Spiderman gets to play with neat toys because he's hanging out with Iron Man. But Peter Parker gets to take a date to prom in a limo (secretly provided by Tony Stark).

I like the idea of the big organization having undercover operatives around the world that can assist the heroes when they are in unfamiliar territory. Something sort of Men-in-black esque.

Suppose they go on a mission far from the HQ. While exploring an unfamiliar city they come across something incredibly familiar like a newspaper stand, car dealership, restaurant etc. bearing their org's secret insignia.

They mutter the secret code phrase and they suddenly have someone fully at their service to provide information or some other need of theirs.

Its not something that should be overused but it would be a fun fringe benefit of being in a big superhero organization. Perhaps these operatives are lesser heroes trying to work their way up in the org.

It adds sort of a unique appeal if they are in New York or rural Russia (or wherever else have you ) if they run into some branch of the org. This also adds potential plotlines. "We have not heard from the (insert place) branch in several weeks, we fear the worst. Someone needs to investigate."

I'm not sure how workable this is into your story but off the top of my head it's just an idea I had.

I mean, the obvious answer is "whatever the plot needs that can't already be supplied from their existing organization," and from what you describe that's not a lot. What exactly does the team want/need, and is it reasonable that said super-team would be able to do it? Then hey-ho, the super-team has it.

Give them faction points that they must earn by doing quests directly for the organization and for indirect actions that the organization would approve of. For these they earn total organization points (TOP) - these points always go up. The higher they go the more perks they get access to. Players also earn the same value of points as their TOP into current organization points (COP). COP is their credit where TOP is their max limit. The players spend their COP for the perks they get access to via their TOP. This system let's you as the GM control what they can do within the organization by creating a table of various perks for various point values. The bigger the perk the more COP players must spend. This way it's a finite amount of favors they can ask for.

What type of organization is that? Hero Association from one punch man? Or more old Avengers? or maybe like New Avengers pre civil war? More like Justice League?

each type of organization comes with perks for social life as well. Does your layers identities are vastly known? Does organization is more of a gathering funded by a foundation or one rich hero or is it more government agency type?

In your game does heroes needs licensing or counts as vigilantes if they don't? Or is it old school heroing noone asking for an I.D. and heroes mostly do their work for some sort of satisfaction (even with great power comes great responsibility spiderman was mostly doing hero work to satisfy his own consciousness and guilt)

Each type of organization has their own benefits for example if a licensing is required than your heroes probably by joining a big organization they get life insurance and a retirement plan in addition to a salary but on the contrary they will need to write reports in a certain format and they won't be let use their powers while not on clock unless it is really an emergency.

If it is early avenger JLA type organization it might still have some sort of salary but better part of both groups were social gathering with other heroes. they might be like Teen Titans (or young justice which i prefer :P) as a sub group with minimal fund but have big brothers to call if there is something happen that gets out of hand.

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