Carrier advertising

Let's play a game. We will each make a few ads for a mobile phone carrier and see whose are the best. I'll start.
A few ads for a prepaid card called Omnicard run by a carrier called Omnicell Wireless.
Ad 1: Department Store
Three friends are at the checkout line in a department store. The first one fumbles around in her pocket for cash before paying, the second whips out her credit card and punches out a long PIN on the keypad, holding up the queue. When it is the third friend's turn, she simply taps her phone on the card reader to pay. This elicits looks of surprise from the other 2. The third says nonchalantly, "Don't be so surprised. I use Omnicard." Roll the logo of Omnicard as a voice-over says, "Your payments, your way with Omnicard." The other two say when the roll ends, "Dang, we want in!" The third replies,"It's simple! Just apply online or go to our nearest Omnicell store to get one!" The three then exclaim in unison,"Let's go!" The last card is the Omnicell Wireless logo with their slogan and web address.
Ad 2: Scrolling on the Subway Train
A subway train carriage. Everyone is scrolling on their phones except for one person. That person asks the person next to him how this is possible. The other person replies,"We use the Omnicard. Unlimited social media without affecting our data balances is a thing for us."Cue the logo of Omnicard as a voice-over says, "Unlimited social media, only on Omnicard." The next and last scene is the Omnicell Wireless logo with their slogan and web address.
Ad 3: Headphones
High school cafeteria. Everyone has headphones on, listening to music on their phones.A person without headphones interrupts someone with only one earphone on, asking how this is possible. The person with only one earphone on nonchalantly replies, "Oh, we use the Omnicard." Enter the logo of Omnicard as a voice-over says,"Your music, your way, with Music Buffet on Omnicard." The last scene is simply the Omnicell Wireless logo.
Ad 4: Data
Two friends are sitting next to each other on the school bus. One says to the other, "Damn, I used up all my data. How do you not use up yours?" The other replies,"I use Omnicard. I have 90GB of data allowance."The one who asked gives a look of incredulity and asks, "Surely it's very expensive?"The other replies, "Nope, only $30." The one who asked exclaims,"Really? Count me in!" The other responds,"It's easy. Just buy the card or a new phone with the card on their site and they'll mail you the card and your new phone if you bought one." Cue the Omnicard logo with a voice-over saying,"Your data, your way, with 90GB of data for 30 days on Omnicard for only $30." The final card is just the Omnicell Wireless logo.