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Side Quest

Side Quest - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Game Stuff
I will be accepting Applications until I reach 10 people but the "game" itself will start for accepted individuals as they are ready seeing as this doesn't have to be a group effort adventure.
This is a mix between a home brew and a free form style game. I will not be requiring a full character sheet for that reason, but you are free to make a full one if you would like.
~A minimum posting rate of once within 4 days is required. There is no maximum limit~

What the heck is this?
Hello! Thanks for the interest in the game!

The entire premise of the game is to live your life in a medieval fantasy time. That's it! This game will have no heavy adventuring. The story will be tailored to each person and how they live their life. Now traveling is allowed but the idea is that you are a “normal” person just doing whatever it is that they would be doing. I wouldn’t mind if you all of a sudden decide to become an adventurer but it kinda strays from the idea of this game. Think of The Sims, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon for reference.

Now you may be asking “If I’m not adventuring what am I supposed to be doing?” Great question! The possibilities are endless! Perhaps you are starting at the bottom of the food chain in the town guard and you are working on becoming captain. You could be the best blacksmith in all of Donestead. Maybe you are a town merchant or you travel in a caravan around the kingdom. You could own a simple farm or the largest in the valley! Maybe you want to be a crime lord who slowly takes over the town. You can take a wife or husband and create a family through birth or adoption. You can sell your wares, manage your home, and deal with everyday things that occur.

Now to clarify there will be drama and story to break up the stagnant life, but not so much so that you don armor, a sword, and fight dragons. It could be big things like plague, wolf packs killing livestock, and drought. Or less town spread things like you having a child, discovering you have an admirer, or that one of your crops have become massive.

Also I'm totally cool if you'd like to use this setting to experiment with a characters background to then transfer to a new game. Just let me know if that is what you would like to do.

Game Description:

In the outskirts of a small kingdom, named Donestead, lies a small town, named Bromead. This town is pretty average and merely serves as a main gathering point for many of the surrounding farms. It also lies just off the main trade route from the west. While caravans do pass through Bromead is not a hub of activity. The only things going for this town are its rich fertile land, that the king has good claim on, and itís position on the kingdom's border. Because of itís position there are many a traveler and adventurer who pass through as they make their way to the heart of Donestead. These are the unremarkable tales of those who live in Bromead and appear to be nothing more than a side quest.

~Fair winds and seasons, my children~

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@Moonkai: I did not know Wizards offered PDF versions of their DnD 5e rulebooks. Having a digital version would be extremely handy and I've been waiting for ages for them to sell those. Where can I buy it?

The only legit way to purchase 5e books in an electronic format is D&D Beyond to my knowledge.

Originally Posted by Moonkai View Post
I'll PM you the link if you need the PDF.
Yes, that would be very nice of you. Thanks.

I'm thinking about a potter. I would have a lot of kids who probably think clay is just mud. Is there a nearby river where I can get clay?

I just found this, and am super interested. Is it too late to sign up? I already have a character sheet made for a game I never completed the application for, and would just need to tweak it a little to fit this game.

I'm late too it seems, but I am looking for a nice game without daily posting expectations, so this seems a perfect fit.
I'll make myself known in the game forum once I have a couple more minutes time.

Your not too late. Throw your hat in there. You won't know if you don't try. Recruiting continues until DM hits 10 last I read. We're only at 4.

No one is too late! Applications will stay open until I have 10 total accepted players.

The first set of games has been started. All games can be intertwined if thats how the story goes.

I will be choosing the next round of applications by October 25th.


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