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Multiple games in one game forum?

Multiple games in one game forum?

I know there are “communities” on MW, for example the Adventurers’ League for DnD, where multiple games are being run at the same time. Are these made possible through a special arrangement with the MW staff or can anyone run multiple games within one forum, either on their own or with the assistance of other game masters?

You can run multiple games like the Adventurers' League if you're willing to invest the time to organize things to that extent. That game forum is merely using a large number of folders to organize things, with multiple GM's appointed by the Head GM.

In the case of the Adventurers’ League and the Pathfinder Society on MW, all games within their respective forums obviously use the same game system. Is it still fine to have multiple games within the same forum if they use different systems?

I would set the system to miscellaneous, but there's no issue with it, per se. Of course, if you're running multiple games with multiple systems, I'm not sure why you wouldn't just create a game forum for each of them.

It’s purely theoretical at this point, but I was pondering if there might be a use case for different rule sets within the same story (separated by theme, geography or time).

In any case, thanks for shedding light on this! It’s much appreciated!

The preference / idea is that there is one game per forum. There are a lot of integrations that won't work well or will get unwieldy if you start having a lot of players (and/or gms)

It’s probable I’m not even aware of all the potential issues, but the idea really isn’t as grand as the examples I noted; just a single GM running one or two concurrent / alternating games, with different systems / settings (so for instance Apocalypse World and City of Mist), that tie into the same larger story. Not a lot of concurrent players for sure.

Again, unless there's a really clear/strong reason not to just keep two separate games that link to one another (and link to shared information) I recommend against it.

I hear you. To have a better understanding of the pros and cons, can you give clear/strong examples of things that would not work as intended in a single forum setting? The problems I can already think of are:

1) the ”game” would have to be listed as ”miscellaneous” rather than a specific game system

2) this also makes advertising any of the games within it a bit more problematic

3) if there’s ever a need to rescue the games, finding a GM / GMs to run them all with this setup is super tricky

Another way to run it, is to setup a 'hub' game for administration. For actual 'live' games, the individual GM sets up their own game and come back to report results when finished at the hub.


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