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Copy BBCode from post in closed thread

Copy BBCode from post in closed thread

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Message: When I have formatting set up for a character's posts in a game, I will typically use the edit or quote buttons to copy my BBCode from my last IC post and edit it for the next. When the game moves to a new thread and the previous one is closed, however, both of those buttons are missing (which makes sense).

As a sort of addendum to another recent request, there's often a lot of work that goes into formatting an IC post or a character application that would be nice to have continued access to. It also makes sense in general to be able to quote a post with a permalink to the original, even if the thread it's in happens to be closed to further changes.

When I was more active on the site, I kept post templates in various text files on my local machine. I know that doesn't help you now, but it may be something to consider going forward.

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