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Multiple "My Games" entries

Multiple "My Games" entries

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Message: Hey, So I'm in a game with multiple DM's and accidentally was sent a 2 invites, and i accepted both, not knowing if 1 would cancel out the other. Now I have the same game on my homepage sidebar twice. What would be the required fix?

Here's a screenshot of what it looks like for me.

You were listed twice as a player, please refresh and see if things are resolved now.

This happened to me when I was a reader that got added as a replacement when another player didn't have time to play anymore. I was listed on the game screen as both a reader and player, although I didn't have the reader ability to see private posts anymore.

When I went to remove myself as a reader, I was booted from the game in both capacities and had to be re sent an invite. I just figured it was a small quirk which we solved on our own so it was not worth mentioning, but seeing this thread here I thought I'd chime in. It was a strange quirk.

Only one instance on the page, but now I dont see my name on the list of players and I can't seem to reconnect my character sheets to the game (the game isn't listed)

You've probably subscribed to the forum and need to be reinvited to the game.
Games you've subscribed to show on that list.

I think that's it too, simple fix, I'll fire off a message to one of the DM's I'm with. Thanks guys! (having the two there was annoying as hell)

I think it listed twice when you were subscribed and a member too, at one point. I still subconsciously remove forum subscriptions when I've been invited.

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