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His Divine Majesty’s Most Holy Inquisition

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His Divine Majesty’s Most Holy Inquisition

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Living rules book here.

Game Description:

His Divine Majesty’s Most Holy Inquisition
A Warhammer 40k Inquisition game using my modified Fudge rules. No previous familiarity with Fudge is required. I’m recruiting 3 to 5 players. It will be a sandbox game, where you have been sent on an investigation, but how you approach that is entirely up to you. Currently I have four planets written up. Three are for single missions, the last a bigger multi-mission sandbox. The rules are still somewhat a work in progress, in particularly the Psyker abilities and miscellaneous Gear. You can suggest additional things and I will add them to the rules.

Posting Frequency: Players should post at least every second day. If someone is gone without a warning for 4 days, they might be replaced. The new player could take over the existing character or introduce a new one.

Combat: Roll20 will be used to host the tactical map.
To keep combat fast, all PC actions are executed simultaneously, followed by the NPCs.

Character background: A short description of where you are from and how you got involved with the Inquisition is enough. All of you served under Lord Inquisitor Rouken and now have been dispatched on independent missions. At least one character needs to be a newly appointed Inquisitor; the rest can be the same, or members of Inquisitorial retinue.

Living rules book here.

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