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Mortals still rule, m'kay

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Recruiting replacement players Exalted 2.5 Mortals Game

Creation's Forgotten Tales - Forum

We've had a few players drop out, so I'm reopening the advertisement. Players are Mortals, and there is no intent to ever have anyone Exalt up. We currently have two active players, and I'm looking for three to four others.

The "Empire" of Hon has been beset by rebellion in the eastern marches, and the rebels have taken hold of one of the great fortresses there, and laid siege to another. Both fortresses date back to the High First Age, the captured one is a Fortress Manse, the other just a great fortress built in the time of the Solars. One of the players is in command of a mercenary force, subbed to the actual commander of the task force sent to help break the siege at the normal fortress. They had to stop over in a small village due to weather causing some significant health issues on the march from the capital city of Honsunai, and have just dealt with a couple raiders against the village.

New players would be joining in along the route, or as part of the siege of the fortress of Hu Zan. Members of the military, nobility, and citizenry are going to be present plus there are always mercenaries that show up, because a battle is brewing, hoping to get hired by one side or another. If you create an application quickly enough, you can be a member of the village of Ketta Kalutai, the last outpost of Honese control before reaching the lands controlled by the rebels.

Drop a line, and come join in!

Game Description:

Looking for three to five players, in a Mortals only 2.5ish game set in a Confederation member nation created by yours truly. Characters will be built using the Scroll of Heroes, including Professions and the Merits and Flaws sections. Specifics of the modifications from 2.5E Exalted are available in the game forum itself.

Posting schedule: If I'm not on a call at work, probably as fast as I can get to my phone.
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Originally Posted by Onigato View Post
We're actually at the perfect place to add a character or three, if anyone is interested.
I still am. Finished making my way through the core rulebook. I'm still fairly vague on the setting, though, since I haven't read any of the (two dozen or so) splat books. Is that going to be a problem?

No. Absolutely not necessary AT ALL. In fact, I'd go so far as to say reading them FOR THIS GAME specifically is a bad idea.

The only splat I would recommend reading in the whole is Scroll of Heroes, since that is the splat specifically for Mortals.

If you are thinking about a character who is built for Thaumaturgy you'd want to read the Thaumaturgy chapter of Oadenol's Codex, a character intended for Sorcery would want to read the Black and/or White
Preferably the White Treatise, since that is Sorcery rather than Necromancy. Not that Necromancy is necessarily bad, there are actually some really helpful, GOOD aspected Necromatic spells, but I run on a tangent.
Treatise, and the Compass of Terrestrial Directions: Scavenger Lands in general.

Realistically though, there isn't much reason to read the Manuals of Exalted Power unless you are going to play that specific style of character or running things of course.

I've always liked the setting of Exalted so I'm intrigued. But it has been a while since I last played. I may need to borrow books from a friend.

Strictly Mortals, no Crafted races living in the right area, and GBs would be unbalanced for all the current players. GBs DO exist, in fairly high numbers, but as NPCs instead of main characters.

I like Exalted, but I will have to decline.

Part of the interest for me is playing the special things.

No worries, thanks for taking a look.

I have an idea for a character - Wayward Magpie; someone whose family were the sworn servants of a Solar exalted in the First Age, and have basically been secretly maintaining the Solar's legacy and waiting for him to return in the time since. She got sick of waiting for something that was probably never going to happen, bailed, and has been wandering around for the last few years, playing up that slightly seedy "drunken master" mendicant mercenary trope.

Is that appropriate for the campaign?

Drunken Master, yes, secret servant of the Solars, not so much. I'll try to explain a bit.

The Usurption saw a massive pogrom of slaughter, as the Dragonbloods at the behest of their Sidereal masters killed anything thing and everyone even remotely intelligent and tied to the Solars. There are a few notable exceptions, I AM for instance didn't get fully shut down, the connection terminals just broke, and the core... Well, that's up to the various GMs.

Add into that the fact that even if your family survived the pogroms unscathed, and somehow remained loyal through global brain-washing and re-education implemented through the Loom of Fate by the Sidereals, and then 1300 years of having to hide with every Solar and Lunar the Dragonbloods can capture being executed as publicly as possible, the likelihood that they would even remember who they were through the Contagion is super slim. Your family would have, in all probability, bailed centuries prior. Add that in-game reason to the out-of-game explanation that it's a background that wouldn't ever become a part of the story, and it just doesn't make sense.

For that background to really be useful, I'd have to have intention for the players to interact with Solars in some way, and that frankly isn't happening. In an all Mortals game, a single Solar even showing up tangentially would be devastating. Let's face it, I may rag on the fact that they aren't mathematically that much better, but the fact that even a starting Solar can literally just use two Charms, not even in a Combo, and manipulate their way into gaining control of entire Kingdoms is massively dangerous. UMI is a powerful weapon, after all.

That said, a drunken master style character is perfectly valid for a build. Are you talking about fully Awakening, or just being really good at Martial Arts? I'd prefer just being really good at MA, as the GM.

Ummm... are you talking about the Awakened Essence Merit? (Like I said - I'm mostly familiar with 3e Core, which only has rules for Solars).

As for the drunken master thing, I was thinking more the theme than the specifics - the kind of character who seems really hedonistic and seedy, but is actually ferociously competent, they just enjoy being... casual...? even though they're not actually drunk all the time. For Archetype, I'd love to be able to mash up Gladiator and Gambler a bit - that's what her flavour is, even if you rule book-only archetypes. I put up a draft of the (changed) fluff as an application, and I'll work on the crunch.


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