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Upgrade Complete!

Originally Posted by Voord 99
I’ve had intermittent access to the site (including right now!)
As in you got a 504 in the last, say, 30 minutes, or?


My original user name was Thramzorean. I tried logging on with my email, which I know is correct, and the password I was pretty sure was correct and no joy. The real problem is when I tried to use my email address to reset a new password, and I clicked on the reset password button, all I got was a page of computer code and no link or otherwise emailed to me. The email address is the same as my original user name at ya hoo as I've used for this make do log in now so not something I've gotten wrong...

@Frigging are you perchance using IE?
@Xenh There was downtime between 3/4 - 7am pacific, does that coincide with the time you were getting the error?

I'm using Edge. But give me a slap, I've just realized I've probably compromised my old login by using the same email address to make this "Frigging".

I see I got sent a link to reset my password but could you delete this user first please? Or how should this work please..?

Does your system allow multiple user names at the same email address?

Okay, I'll try logging out of Frigging and see where that gets me...

Yep, back on as Frigging. Well that wasn't smart on my part at all. Blast.

Need help please to get my old Thramzorean handle back and will wait for instructions.

I currently can’t connect to this account (the one I’m posting with) using my laptop, but I can get on from my phone. When I try to login, it doesn’t recognize my email anymore.

I use Firefox, if that matters.

Please assist!


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