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General OOC

General OOC

Anything OOC can go here. We'll just keep using it from pre to ingame.

Hello everyone! Feel free to start your characters at your leisure. I still have some setup to do crunch wise, but all the character stuff should be up and ready. Feel free to discuss party comp and take time to read over the player's guide.

The players guide suggests at least one healer. Anyone put any thought into what they're apping?

I'm Healer. Vestal (Cleric) with a unique gimmick. I'm willing to share it with the other players if they don't care about me spoiling her big twist for the sake of "No my cleric won't stab you in the back".

I typically go for martial types. Urban ranger seems a good fit for this one.
Looking forward to playing with you good people.
Edit: I think I will come with a human urban ranger, unless someone wants to do a Rogue (in which case, core ranger).
Thanks to @rathizard for the kind invite!

I was thinking either Gunslinger (Bolt Ace archetype) or maybe Investigator.

But, I need to reread the Players' Guide first.

And thanks for including me.

I'm doing an Inquisitor (Spellbreaker) for the first time, struggling a bit to determine how I want to choose my spells and I'm usually an arcane caster, not divine.

You all are most welcome! This should be an interesting run through the group, some different faces and archetypes compared to the last time I ran this.


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