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On the difference between creativity and "special snowflakes"

Originally Posted by TheOasysMaster View Post
DM: We're going to play a game where insanity and corruption will feature heavily.
PLAYER: I've built a character immune to insanity and that's incorruptible!
DM: Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
Why doesn't this website have a "like post" option ;-;

I think having one character who stands out from the norm can be fine, if you're willing to do the extra legwork? But I agree with your point... it's being off-theme and there should be a good reason.

Originally Posted by Catherine Cook View Post
You've made a few valid points, I'm only going to address this one because... Well, because you're absolutely right. By saying "you might become a better person", I simply meant that, by learning how to best convey one's creativity, one might find more enjoyment in a number of things in life, which will make them feel better with themselves. It didn't occur to me that the line might have sounded as though I was ridiculing their worth until you pointed it out o.O

So yeah, a lot of people have stated that I was being too harsh, but to be frank, that was intentional: I'm not planning to have any future interactions with this person, so I wanted to get the message through as clearly as possible, even at the cost of being brutal. If they take my words to heart and think about their positive meaning, then it's a victory for me, but if they only see the harsh exterior and remain convinced of their position, then honestly I don't care. You say that "the only way they can move forward is by admitting that they're wrong", but there's no moving forward planned here, what they end up doing as they proceed with their life is none of my business: they'll either understand the message I was trying to convey, or they won't.
That said, I do admit that the "a better person" comment was way out of line. I sincerely thank you for pointing that out.

I do maintain my position on the "creativity vs special snowflake" debate. And I hope that my Lego examples, of which I must confess I'm particularly proud, managed to get it across. If even one person, by looking at this whole topic, goes "well damn, I should try and improve my mindset when creating characters", then it will be a victory for me.
It's just that I love roleplaying so much, I wish more and more people were better at it. Ultimately that's all this topi boils down to.
Ah, that's fair. If this isn't someone you'll be running into much, then making the message clear does make sense. And yeah, I'd say roleplaying has made me more empathetic putting myself in the shoes of characters very different to me, but I know some are into the hobby for other reasons.

And yes, the Lego analogy definitely works. It actually hits on a point a thread I started about allowing third party material or not that hasn't been mentioned before, but I think applies to that as well. I may end up using that analogy for future recruitments myself when similar things come up.

It's just a recurring problem with this hobby where everyone comes to the game with different expectations and values. There's nothing wrong with how this person chooses to roleplay. It's only in how they want to impose it on you that's wrong. Keep in mind the relative experience of such a roleplayer; someone that refers to themselves derisively as a "special snowflake" likely knows the issue with wish-fulfillment but hasn't the practical experience to move on from that style.

Originally Posted by TheOasysMaster View Post
I think having one character who stands out from the norm can be fine, if you're willing to do the extra legwork? But I agree with your point... it's being off-theme and there should be a good reason.
depends on what the theme is: if you're playing city guards , the re could be maybe one mage and one clergy, but the group should be mostly martials... and any non laswful alignments had better have excellent motivations why they applied for the job and how they were accepted in the first place... the trouble is when the DM is not clear enough about his requitementsexpectations, and the player arrives with an unacceptable concept that things may go south and even then things may be arranged

Not so long ago, I played the Out of the Abyss campaign, where the players start off as inmates in a drow slave camp, there were two drows in the group, one priestess of Eilistraee; and one warlock who had renounced the cult of lolth in favor of his patron, they were both duly captured and enslaved, pending possibly harsher treatment .

This thread and its core topic has been amusing me all day, I mean I really got a belly laugh out of CC's initial post.

We really do need a "like" button, thumbs up, thumbs down or something for good posts.

Fervus does make a good point about everyone on a forum such as this being from all walks of life, different countries, ages, etc etc and everyone plays differently and expectations if not clearly communicated can be a real stumbling block.
I can't disagree with much that's been said in regards to Catherine's first post. Much of it was true even if it was delivered in a pretty blunt manner and without much tact. With that being said, it points to a problem that is also related to Peacemonger's thread about allowing or not allowing certain source material as a GM and how players react to it. It's a major annoyance to me when a GM posts an ad for his/her game and lays out clearly the creation rules, theme, setting, allowable sources, posting expectations, etc etc. At that point every prospective player if they can read and digest information should know if this game is right for them and upon making that decision work with the expectations set forth by the GM. But no, that's not what happens.
An application thread gets started and between there and the OOC or creation questions thread the special requests start pouring in from the "snowflakes" about allowing their dragon blooded, fey touched, bat creature who is taking a vow of non violence and poverty but assuring everyone that they will get along just fine. Look, these folks may be excellent role players if they can get what they want or make it to the IC thread but at the least they have worn everyone elses nerves thin. Now this isn't the biggest problem, the problem is the snowflake read the add and pretty much ignored every expectation that the GM laid out for THEIR GAME and decided to apply anyway and immediately begin asking the GM to compromise on everything they clearly stated in the ad. This isn't to say that there can't be a certain level of back and forth or the occasional ACF that adds a little flavor to the character but when a GM wholesale caves in and allows the snowflake to do this the game is unraveling before it begins.

If nothing else I commend CC for telling this character "NO" and clearly pointing out that the applicant was ignoring the guidelines she put forth in the ad. It's ok to say no, in fact I encourage it. Good Lord, if I told my kids Yes everytime they ask for something I would be in the poor house and well, I won't go down that road.
There is a place for the snowflakes, they are people and players too. We shouldn't be hurtful or mean, but it's difficult to play with folks like this. I am a huge fan of finding other like minded players that fit your play style and getting together for the games and characters you want to play. These differences are a huge reason so many games begin and fail IMO. It's just part of the game though, you have to have an avenue to meet those like minded players and open ads or the Game planning thread seem to be the best avenues.

Originally Posted by Svartalf View Post
they were both duly captured and enslaved, pending possibly harher treatment .
Thaaaaaaaaaaaat sucks.

Originally Posted by TheOasysMaster View Post
Thaaaaaaaaaaaat sucks.
Yes and no, the starting part of the campaign was escaping from the slave camp... which we did thanks to a disgruntled guard.

Originally Posted by Svartalf View Post
captured and enslaved, pending possibly harher treatment.
I read this as "captured and enslaved, pending possibly HAREM treatment". I need to stop watching hentai.

>Well, the male warlock was charismatic enough he just might be taken in as somebody important's leman , but the priestess of Eilistraee could not expect much better than a sacrifice on LOlth's altar.


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