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Another Beard Here

Another Beard Here


Add one for 5e! I've played here at the Weave before, but many a' year ago! Eons actually. Wonderful community here. I've since grown a beard, and in the process have forgotten my old username. And so begineth the JollyBeard.

Haven't played D&D since back then (3.5e), and here I am, wanting to enjoy the new 5e. I've read through the PHB more or less, love it, and am ready to learn the ropes. Would be mighty obliged to any friendly group that will have me! I'll be making my way over to the Game Ads section now.

Thanks for reading. Game on!


Another beard?! Surely, @JollyBeard you and Colin will get along!

A great way to get started is through the Adventurer's League group here in Myth-weavers.

They are a great group and are very welcoming! Check out the games tab for recruiting games, and don't forget to read the Game Planning Thread at the top of the Game Ads, often games can fill up just by voicing an interest there!

Lastly, my favorite, join us in the Discord Server (see the information in said thread.)

You can discus beard aesthetics with Colin there!

Of course!

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