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Salutations, mortals!

Salutations, mortals!

I have come to this place at the dawn of the new year, seeking five volunteers to join me in exploring the greatest and mightiest Dungeons & Dragons Sword & Sorcery campaign setting of all time: Primeval Thule!


Okay, @Master_of_Thule it sounds like you have a plan!

Great place to start is the basics. In this REALLY HELPFUL POST! you'll find some links to great reading:
  • Play-by-Post Basics
  • Essential Posting Skills
  • Play-by-Post Concerns

You've started out well with the bbCode. If you want to learn more, check out THIS HELPFUL LINK!

And, of course, you'll want to learn the DICE ROLLER OF DOOM!

Take a look at the advertisements in our GAME ADVERTISEMENT THREAD OF AWESOME! for ideas on how to make yours interesting and inviting for players to jump at and apply!

Lastly, come join us on The Official Myth-Weavers Discord Server (Don't Mind the Welcome Harpoons) following the directions found in THIS THREAD!

And, as always. If you have questions - just ask.

I am appeased by this offering of valuable information and you shall have my gratitude.
When I finally come into my power as overlord, perhaps I shall command that your life be spared.

Also, I have matured into a young dragon! HEAR ME ROAR!

Oooo, you may have a challenger on your hands.

Good luck to both of you.

Originally Posted by TatteredKing View Post
Primeval Thule, Hmm... You have my interest. What system?
Actually we have an opening now: our cleric player is unable to continue participating. If you or anyone else is interested in playing a cleric or druid, check out the instructions in Character Creation in High Adventure in Primeval Thule.

The party just reached Level 2, so you may submit a second-level cleric or druid instead of starting at first level if you wish. Everyone is currently enslaved as gladiators in Ikath, City of Serpents. Since new gladiators are always being brought into the arena, it is fairly easy to introduce new players.


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