Hi, I'm here to spam posts to get past 5. - Myth-Weavers



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Hi, I'm here to spam posts to get past 5.

Hi, I'm here to spam posts to get past 5.

So I can link an image.

EDIT: This doesn't count apparently.

@ChaosCircle - hello!

No, post here don't count. Remember, though, you can retroactively post images in posts by editing them.

So if this is for an application, do a little organization.

A placeholder post for your character sheet to start the thread. Then another placeholder for any mechanics you need to do. Perhaps another placeholder with expenditures and/or XP tracking. And even one to begin with background ideas and questions.

And if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Here or on the Official Myth-Weavers Discord Server! It's full of all sorts of helpful and friendly people!

And don't forget to ask Colin about Lockerby!

Welcome @ChaosCircle! And no, spamming doesn't count in here, and spamming to get to 5 posts is the fastest way for the system to treat you like a spambot. Go participate in a couple threads, it's easy and you'll be at 5 post in no time at all!

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