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Just wanted to drop a quick message here to say hi. Hoping to join in soon, made my account to ask a question on an application I saw that will apply to a character I would like to play. I have been playing D&D on and off for around 15 years, mostly playing in core 3.5. This will be my first time trying out play-by-post gaming.

Greetings, @MeTaLhEd!

There's still a good 3.5 community here! Check out the Game Advertisement Thread!

If you have questions about the Dice Roller or bbCode, check out the links HERE and HERE!

And, of course, as the Self-Appointed CHAMPION of the Myth-Weavers Discord Server ... follow THIS LINK RIGHT HERE for directions on how to join us in talking about all things Myth-Weavers, gaming and Colin's Beard! Come meet Harpo - The Friendly Harpoon™!

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