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World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Latest Farland Update

Genius as always, fearless leader! I do have to say that the darkfolk height chart rocks!!! I may need another shirt, now that I see it....

GREAT Update!!! This was a really cool update. I can't wait to see what's in store for the coming months.

Edit: I just realized. Its been exactly 1 year since The Barbarian Trials began.

Hey, fellow gamers! Fresh off of GenCon and our silver ENnies win, it's time for an update. This one is heavy on the art. This month we have:
  • A spotlight on the haunted Elder Daven City.
  • Art of a halfling.
  • Art of a teregnaven, a saved troll.
  • New banner art.
Our own talented ryator did the original concept art for the teregnaven.

Check out the update here:

Hope you like it, and game on!

Wow!!! Great update. The artwork is great, Ryator. Who did the halfling? Was that you Farland? It all looks great. And of course the banner. It deserves a double wow wow! I really like that. I'm thinking mouse pad.

Don't lose the original Farland banner. That has developed some points in recognition. It is great work as well.

Elder Daven City is very nicely done as well. I love the map. Haven't had much time to read all the details, but I will tonight after work.

Great realease everyone. I'm proud to be a member of such an outstanding community.

Hey nice pics you guys. Farland I really like the new banner. Very cool. I see what you mean about the ax being cut off, but it's not the end of the world. Digorig and Farland great work on the Elder Daven update!

The updates just keep getting better and better. This month is all about dwarves. We bring you:
  • A write-up on Wawmar, and it is perhaps the most technical and realistic treatment of a dwarven fortress ever written.
  • A new prestige class, the Dwarven Boar Rider.
  • Dwarven Poetry.

Our own talented Erian_7, Squeak, Galadwen, and especially Agricolus contributed to this update.

Check it out here:

Hope you like it, and game on!

And thanks to you, Far, for the organization and assistance! Looking forward to all those royalty checks rolling in.

I'm going to start some more Farland projects (probably going to start on some nice maps of the Wawmar interior...and spiffing up the iso shot a bit). If you need anything specific, just let me know.

Wow Ric and everyone else. This is one of the best updates that I've seen since I've been around second to my Barbarian Trials story being completed (That was a hell of a story when my mind went blank. Couldn't write for a while but then it came back and I finished it up) Nah I'm just kidding though. This is ranked up there in the greatest updates of all time. Great job guys and gals.

This month is another excellent update; it's all about the thoroughly detailed dark folk kingdom of Stor-gris. We bring you:
  • A write-up on the historical fortress and kingdom of Stor-gris.
  • A new prestige class, the Dwarven Sapper.
  • New Poetry, Ode to Great Stor-gris.
  • New fiction, the story Strife in Rothnog.
  • New fiction, the story Secrets of a Dark Fortress.
  • New steam weaponry and the feats to use it.
  • Two new NPC rulers of Stor-gris, Karoxfang the Vile and Dantha'Sule the dark hag.

Our own talented ryator, Squeak, Galadwen, and Agricolus contributed to this update.

Check it out here:

Hope you enjoy, and may your dice roll 20s!

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