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Into the Shattered Continent

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Into the Shattered Continent

The Shattered Continent - Forum

Please see the game description

Game Description:

Note: This is just the original game description. For the most up to date rules please visit the games forum and get caught up on the discussion!

Our Goal: Hard boot up into the Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path. Starting in the SECOND book of the AP. Spheres content in and encouraged. Mythical Spheres allowed. Path of War allowed. Psionics allowed, Occult shtuf allowed.

3rd Party stuff otherwise fairly banned. Most other things not allowed.

Theme: This is fundamentally a game about surviving in a wild untamed land and building up (and protecting) a new successful colony. In this run I'd like to emphasize the struggle that the colonists - and the players - are feeling at a daily level. In the previous adventure, “The Lost Outpost,” you were introduced to the Bountiful Venture Company's colony of Talmandor’s Bounty and presented with a mysterious vanishing of the previous wave of colonists. Finding Talmandor's Bounty abandoned was a massive shock for many of the newcomers. You find everything from savage monkey goblins to a powerful spirit of undeath haunting the local chapel, requiring the combine efforts of the clerical brothers from your colony ship and your own divine practitioner in order to truly excise the spirit. You fight hard, secure the colony and bring the newcomers in to occupy the former colonist's homes and storefronts.

The colony is managing to hold together, for now. The struggle and strife are constant and require your frequent intervention. Not only do dangerous beasts frequently roam out of the nearby dense jungles, but the colonists are frequently at each other's throats. Although you may be engaging in a bit of traumatic bonding, it's hardly the worst sin to be guilty of... together, the newcomers manage to rescue just two of the colonists and re-establish the colony as a functional township. Since those first few days, no more colonists have been found, and no means known by anyone on the island seems to be able to restore the memories of the two colonists. That entire process began after you arrived roughly three months ago, and you now eagerly await the next ship carrying fresh supplies and new colonists. You have likely taken up a fairly mundane day job to earn your keep around the colony in the meantime, and your most pressing concerns are often those are basic survival - fighter or sorcerer, cleric or psychic. Everyone needs to eat and no one is above simple work in this new colony.

Gestalt: Activated

Starting Level: 2nd Level. Fast XP track. You start with 3,000 XP, just 300 XP shy from 3rd level.

Mythic Rank: 1st. (Spheres Mythical shtuf allowed. -Path of the Bound, the Genius, the Living Saint, the Mystic, the Reluctant Hero and of the Stranger are allowed, maybe even encouraged!)

Starting Wealth: ...for the rest, see the Games Forum!

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I'm just checking that we are actually starting at second level? I'm only asking as most of the AP's are about 4th or 5th level by the second book.

Just read the second post in the character creation thread, apologies

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