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Pathfinder 2 Bestiary discussion

Pathfinder 2 Bestiary discussion

Just a thread to talk about the new monsters we have to kill PCs with.

My first thoughts are that the art is amazing, and the variety is well worth the cost. I only wish a little more lore was included.

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Glad to hear the art is amazing - that's a lot of the worth of it. I'm still reading through the free SRD of the Core Rulebook on Archives of Nethys. On the Lore - if what I've seen in Paizo modules is an indication - those will have a lot, lot more Lore on creatures. Especially some of them. I know the few times I was a GM, I almost was a bit disappointed the module didn't have a way - and I couldn't think of a way other than just revealing Out of Character after the Encounter - to show the PCs / Players the rich backstory / motivation they had for a foe. A friend of mine said he counted it a perk to getting a module - being able to read the backstory / motivations of some of the encounter foes.

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