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5e Spell suggestions.

5e Spell suggestions.

I'm playing in a 5e campaign and we should be reaching level 4 soon. I'm playing a homebrew class based on the sorcerer and get one more cantrip and a first or second level spell. I'm also taking the feat Magic Initiate so I get two more cantrips. I'm wondering what I should take and would like some feedback. The first level wizard spell is going to be Find Familiar, that is definite.

These are the spells I already have: Light, Prestidigitation, Fire Bolt, Mending, Burning Hands, Color Spray, Detect Magic, Expeditious Retreat, Shield, Magic Weapon, Scorching Ray, and Hold Person.

For your Magic Initiate (Wizard) cantrips: Mage Hand, Message. They improve your utility without requiring any investment on your Intelligence.

For your Sorcerer spells: Minor Illusion for the cantrip, and choice of Invisibility, Levitate, and Misty Step. If swapping is allowed, I'd swap Expeditious Retreat for Misty Step, and choose between Invisibility and Levitate - Invisibility if you find your party in sneaky situations often, Levitate otherwise. You won't believe how casters at my table turn many fights trivial by floating over the warriors and raining Eldritch Blasts and Fire Bolts from above. ^_^

Invisibility is pretty useful. A player had a ring of it last campaign and used it to sneak around a lot.

Expeditious Retreat comes with the class, so it can't be swapped out.

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