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3.5 Reboot of a Game Seeks Fresh Blood!

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3.5 Reboot of a Game Seeks Fresh Blood!

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Eberron

Character Application Read Me
About E6
E6 is where the 3.5 D&D ruleset is capped at 6 levels max. This limits the rocket tag and impossible to track accounting of 3.5 that I historically struggle with. This allows me to run a game that feels high level but isn't impossible for me. It leans heavily on homebrew and a good social contract between player & DM. It will also force some different gameplay
Character Hook
Your character has been approached by a beautiful woman calling herself "Vylrixxi" who has offered your character either great wealth, some form of assistance in completing an important goal to your character, etc., in return for pledging to undertake a "quest for the good of all mortal life on Eberron" that must begin with you coming to the city of Sharn first, for a meeting of other powerful individuals (the rest of the party) and receiving your first instructions from Vylrixxi.

At level 6, in an E6 game, your character is one of the pre-eminent individuals in the world. So when you make your background pitch, feel free to be a bit important!
The Status Quo in Eberron
The situation in Eberron is exactly as presented in the core Eberron book, the Last War just ended....and the world is still turning. So feel free to draw from the existing lore in building your character.
Player Criteria
Basic Requirements
  • Ability to post 2 times for every 3 days give or take.
  • Ability to join and communicate on Discord for OOC & just general chit chat (helps people not ghost)
  • Acceptance of the limitations and paradigm changes that come with the E6 ruleset. If you are going to be chafed staying at this lower level, this isn't the game for you.

Character Creation Crunch
Ability Scores
6m4d6v1, roll 2x, keep the better set. Reroll 1x additionally if somehow you roll and both sets have total modifier of <= 1.
Level & Experience Points
  • Level is capped at 6.
  • Starting with 15,000 XP
  • Each additional 5,000 XP gained in game grants a feat/feature/boon as determined by player & DM
Starting Gold
13,000 Gold Pieces
Pre Game Crafting
You may use starting gold & experience points to craft items prior to the start of game play. You must have the prerequisites (spells, feats, skills, feats, etc.) and show in a post on your character thread the breakdown of at what level you crafted said items.

You cannot start play any lower than 4th level.
Level Adjustment & Racial Hit Die
  • CR-1 is the new LA for races with LA.
  • LA+RHD are taken in the place of levels.
  • You may take any combination of LA, RHD, and class that is <= 6 levels.
Starting Feats & Traits
  • Start with 3 feats at level 1 as opposed to the standard 1.
  • Start with 3 traits.

Leadership is allowed.
Fractional BaB and Saves
Are being used.
Approved Sources
Allowed Alignments
Any - However, disruptive character motivations & behaviors will either 1 keep you from getting in or 2 get you kicked pretty quick.

How To Apply
Please follow this link here to post an as long or as short as you want elevator pitch of the character you'd like to play. Include things like gender/race/classes/role/general concept, basic background, motivations, personality. Short isn't better than long, and long isn't better than short! I'm always super frustrated at onerous application requirements to not get in, so I try to mitigate that in my own games.

If you're the kind of person who wants to create a full character sheet as part of your application, please look at this post template first and then post your sheet here.

I go on vacation for a week starting this Sunday (28 JUL) and return Sunday (4 AUG). I will have limited time to answer questions/comment on applications during that time but I won't be making selections until Monday (12 AUG). The players already in this game will be available for questions & chatting I'm sure!

I'm looking for 2-3 new players to get this game going again.

Game Description:

A reboot of a longish running 3.5 game set in Eberron. The reboot consists of character rebuilds, an adjustment to the E6 ruleset instead of just standard 3.5 and a lore reset.

The original DM is also returning to reboot the game as the original rescue DM has had to leave.

No one is coming.
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Id be interested in joining if game still has room.

As far as I know, the DM hasn't made any decisions on accepted players yet. But I don't know when exactly he plans on cutting off applications. So act fast!


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