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Character help, 5E

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Message (Cantrip): As a Rogue, you might be looked upon to scout ahead. With this spell, you don't have to travel all the way back to make a report. It's a silent walkie-talkie with a 120-ft range.

Minor Illusion (Cantrip): Slipped into an empty room and now you hear people coming? Conjure an illusory cabinet, and sit in it.

Light (Cantrip): Sadly, Humans can't see naturally in the dark. Help yourself out with this.

Prestidigitation (Cantrip): If you carry torches, you can use this instead of Light. Just has greater utility. You'd never need to wash your clothes again.

Find Familiar (1st-Level Spell): The value of that familiar just can't be overstated. Don't want to scout ahead yourself? Send the familiar. The owl is the most power-gamey choice here because it has the Spring Attack of D&D 3.5 built in. It can swoop in on your target, use the Help action to give you advantage on your next attack, then fly away without provoking opportunity attacks. And now that you have advantage, you're more likely to land that Sneak Attack.

Magic Initiate (Feat): If Crossbow Expert doesn't fit your fancy and you'd like one spell from another class, this might be useful. For most martial PCs in my tabletop group, this would be used to fetch either Find Familiar (Wizard) or Goodberry (Druid). Because you already have access to Find Familiar as an Arcane Trickster, the Druid's Goodberry is a good option. Not only can you dispense of that 10hp healing one point at a time (so you don't blow all of that healing on one target), each berry provides the equivalent of one day's worth of nutrition, so you and your party never have to worry about hunger ever again. ^_^

That Goodberry spell could be super useful. We've been doing a lot of traveling and having to hunt for food. And buying food when we get to town. No Druids in the party.


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