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+32 to saving throws at 20th level?

You could go Cohort, or you could go Archivist 3 / Wizard 1 (w/ Precocious Apprentice) / Mystic Theurge 10, finish it off with 6 levels of basically anything, and have all the buff spells we've discussed so far with room left over. If you can get your GM to let you make those last 6 levels Legacy Champion advancing Mystic Theurge, then you're really in the money.

Or, like, use a staff or something (or a Drake-Helm, obviously, for a spontaneous caster). Less likely to get a DM slapping you that way, too.

Take 'Fate's Favorite' trait. Take 'Craft Wondrous Items' feat. Jack your Spellcraft up so you can make stuff. Save up some money. Make yourself a +21 Cloak of Awesomeness (+5 Luck - 25,000gps/+5 Resistance - 18,750gps/+5 Insight - 18,750gps/+5 Sacred = 18,750gps = +20 Cloak - 81,250gps). Add the +1 for the Trait. Boom! Awesomeness!

Derp! Strike that, that's for Pathfinder. Sorrys.

Swordsage (Gets evasion) or Warblade:

Action Before Thought maneuver (I think that's the name), you can get that with a 1 level dip (provided that dip comes on character level 5 or later).
Maxed out Concentration Ranks: +23
You want to have decent CON, say 14+6: +5
Throw in a +5 concentration item: +5
=+33, and you're not even failing on one.

Alternatively, you can get that maneuver by:
1. Take a feat.
2. Buy a 3000GP Ring

Can have Mind over Body and Moment of Perfect Mind for same treatment for Fortitude and Will.

Granted, that's only once per encounter if you're not a warblade/swordsage (and warblades has an easier time using it as often as they like).


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